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Bennie Smith

Data Analytics professional Election Commissioner

Bennie Smith

Data Analytics professional Election Commissioner

My Specialization

Experience and Elections

A software developer and data analytics professional who has developed expansive business and technical skills. In government, as a liaison between elected officials and IT. In the private sector, as a software developer for banks, the hospitality industry, electrical manufacturing & engineering, logistics and transportation and the Music Industry.  

A serial collaborator with interests centered around wealth creation through giving and philanthropy 


Nationally recognized election transparency advocate, Election Commissioner, Fraction Magic, election campaign strategy, election security, public speaking, election turnout analysis, open government


Data analytics, process automation, Lean/Six Sigma, corporate finance, budgeting, political strategy, proprietary voter turnout predictions, image consulting, personal financial independence, business intelligence, application development


Financial software developer, proprietary Finance Diet for personal finance, music royalties for artists, Budgets and cost accounting, business intelligence and dashboards


Head of data analytics, music monetization, music royalties accounting and payments to artists, innovative financing for artists, education of revenue streams to create financial independence, rights management, insight & analytics