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About Me

Bennie Smith was appointed as a State Election Commissioner in April 2022. He is a software developer who works in analytics and innovation.

Smith has developed expansive business and technical skills throughout his career. In government, as a liaison between elected officials and IT, Smith was a software developer maintaining City of Memphis applications for divisions including the Traffic Violations Bureau, Memphis Police and Internal Affairs. 

In the private sector, he developed applications for lender auditing at First Tennessee Bank, production metrics at International Paper, revenue management at Hilton Worldwide, and later held positions at Thomas & Betts/ABB.

Election Financial Consultant Music
Election Financial Consultant Music
  • Shelby County Government

    Motor Vehichle Administrator | Shelby County Clerk: Manage a group of sixty+ professionals who conduct transactions related to Motor Vehichle and Title Registrations. Analysis and Review of policies to streamline procedures to improve the customer experience.


  • State of Tennessee

    State Election Commissioner: Monitor the activities and performance of the county election commissioners and conduct removals of county election commissioners who violate of the oath of office or if those persons are no longer qualified to hold the position. Represent the citizens of West Tesnnessee by way of Shelby County and their interests through open government and transparency


  • Normac Media Group

    Co-Founder | Head of Data Analytics|Finance: Manage Royalty accounting and payments to artists and creators. Educate and teach the business of music and monetization through data and analytics and insights.


  • Shelby County Government

    Secretary | Election Commissioner: Set policies and procedures necessary to aid the personnel of the election commission office in the performance of their duties with regard to the promotion of voter registration and the electoral process. Represent the citizens of Shelby County and their interests through open government and transparency


  • Fedex Express

    HR Data Analyst | Analytics and Innovation : Develop analytical visualizations and web applications for the HR Analytics and Innovation Department to measure Safety, Training, Lean Management Journey, QDM (Quality Driven Management) performance, Retention opportunities, turnover rates and the FedEx LiFE program statistics.


  • ABB

    Financial Analytics Manager: Financial Analysis & Reporting, Inventory, Cost Savings, Process Improvement, Statistics, Implement Actionable Analytics.


  • Thomas & Betts/ABB

    Sr. Analyst – Business Analytics Coe : Served as an internal consultant/liaison to various groups within finance and IT. Combined business and technical knowledge to provide innovative practical solutions, processes improvement and document best practices within the business analytics.


  • Thomas & Betts/ABB

    Application Developer : Interfaced with departments and plants to develop custom applications, business intelligence reports, dashboards, Cognos cubes, crystal reports, SSIS packages, Oracle/SQL Server views to standardize and streamline quantitative analysis and consolidate efforts.


  • Hilton Worldwide

    Corporate Revenue Analyst: Supported the Corporate Revenue Management department by developing custom applications and business intelligence reports to maximize revenue and market share, analyze demand factors; forecast business levels; identify pricing strategies and trends.